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Niculae Alexandru's 1979 New Yorker


I am Alex and i live in Bucharest Romania. I own a Chrysler New Yorker 1979 and i have to tell you that it's a very nice car.I love driving it in trips to the mountain side and every trip that i do in country :).

It's in a restoration process now. I am buying all the parts that i need and when i will have all of them i will start working on it. Now i am keeping it running clean and flawless.

I am glad that i found this group and maybe we will find interesting info to share.

Firstly i would ask you if you know someone that makes replacement weather strip kits for this car? Everything it's OK even an address or a telephone number not just a website. I am looking for over two years for this kit and with no luck.

Thank you and we will talk some more.

All the best.

Niculae Alexandru


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