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Thomas A.Nedelka's 1978 New Yorker Brougham

This page is maintained in memory of Thomas A. Nedelka, a valued member of the New Yorker Online community. Thomas is dearly missed.

Fri Jun 17, 2005 2:12 am
I have purchased a mint 78 Brougham in Calgary, Alberta Canada and I need to know what I will need to drive the car back to the US to suburban Philadelphia. I will be flying to Calgary in late July with my son and I want to be sure that I have prepared all necessary paperwork. Thanks.

Sun Jul 3, 2005 3:24 pm
I'm flying to Calgary to get a 1978 New Yorker Brougham, 10,500 miles, garaged, independently appraised, 1 owner. Years ago I owned a 77 St. Regis and a 78 4door, both had 440's. This one has a 400, which I don't know. Noticeable differences between the two from a driving perspective? This has the 4bbl. Also, although the car has been mechanically as well as aesthetically maintained, I'm concerned about the age working on things like power steering seals, fuel pump, water pump, etc....are there ways to minimize problems on a 3,000 mile trip home to Philadlphia. I'm looking forward to the trip as my son, 14, is coming with me; I want him to experience a real road car on a real road trip. Any helpful thoughts are appreciated.

Sat Jul 30, 2005 11:16 pm
Home after 10 days on the road?my son and I flew to Calgary from Philadelphia almost two weeks ago to pick up our ebay purchase: a 1978 New Yorker Brougham with 10,400 miles on it. Although dusty, it is as advertised and independently appraised?.loaded, including factory sunroof, and well cared for, once the wax overspray and dust were removed. Thanks to Eric from Calgary, a club member, who took us from the hotel to the Chrysler dealership where I had some pre-trip work done (new calipers, wheel cylinders, fuel pump, thermostat, radiator flush, radiator cap, oil and lube, etc. The car performed great; we hit 100 in Montana twice, and cruised at 80 with a/c, getting 17mpg from the 400. We also took time to enjoy southern Alberta, upper Montana and North Dakota, etc, doing some gravel road cruising, range hiking, and get away from it all relaxing. While taking pictures of my son on a haystack (he?s 14) in upper Montana, I heard a unique sound, looked down, and found a rattlesnake one foot away?not part of our itinerary, but a focused moment. The saying that they are more afraid of us than we are of them is not quite true, but it ended well and formed part of so many too-cool-for words-moments,

The car got attention wherever we went. People seem to have become numb with too many cars shaped like blobs, or designer?s teardrops, and the classic New Yorker lines was electrifying to so many. I had a 77 and a 78 years ago, and getting back into a New Yorker means more than ever now. We drove to Manitowoc and ferried over Lake Michigan to Ludington, headed southeast for a few days, and spent our final night on the road in Gettysburg for a victory dinner. From Gettysburg to Philly we rolled at 65 with a/c, and got slightly over much for the new technology. Being with my only, in that car, in such an open and gorgeous part of America, will fuel me a lifetime.

Thanks again to Eric from Calgary for his presence and suggestions, to Henry, Brian, and others who offered help if needed and great suggestions in preparation, and others for their ideas and encouragement. I loved it all, and my son did too; he has experienced things through this trip at 14 that too many people miss in a lifetime.

Tom (and Andrew)

Ps two areas where I could use some expertise: 1. the autotemp system a/c worked, but the volume of air coming out of the vents was not in sync with the sound/potential of the fan motor, as though the under-dash door is not opening fully?.any suggestions?

2. I?m looking for a set of roadwheels or classier hubcaps; the car came with extremely plain ones?anything for sale out there?

Thomas A.Nedelka