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Seth Nawrockis 1977 Newport--'Elsie'

I bought this car when I was 13, back in 1998, from one of my granmothers church friends (Elsie), who became a close family friend, down in Hollywood Florida. I had known the car for a number of years and always liked it. I remember seeing it outside the church, where it was parked in a special spot that everyone knew was 'reserved' for Elsie. When my family would visit grandma in February, to escape the harsh and salty Rochester New York winters, we would always go out to dinner in the car, since it could very easily and comfortably seat all six of us.

When Elsie decided to give up her license I got first 'dibs' to purchase the car. I remember the night we went to pick it up, she mentioned that the local mechanic--an idiot-- told her she needed a transmission, which turned out to just be 3 quarts low. As we pulled out of the back ally in the huge car my dad couldn't see the oncoming cars until the huge front end was sticking out, so he tried to back up, which didn't work--low fluid. But due to the huge size of the car, everyone just stopped and yeilded to the 'queen on the road'.

Its a basic Chrysler with manual windows and locks, the 400 4 barrel, AM/FM radio, vent windows, A/C and cruise. I've added skirts and the 1975 Imperial hubcaps-I put the mint originals in the trunk for safekeeping.

I found this car while out cruising in my '77 Newport. The owner had three in in driveway, the '76 NYB, a '75 NY with the St. Regis roof, and a '75 Imperial hardtop, one of alittle over 1000 made that year. They all had been sitting in her driveway for about 15 years.

The '76 is top of the line and the triple black with gold pinstriping is very formal. It has a 440, non lean burn, but has suffered rust-wise from the New York salt.

Seth Nawrocki