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Russ's 1978 4-Door Chrysler New Yorker Brougham

I got this 78 NYB from my brother in law in May of 2001. He found it in PA on the way to Carlisle. The original owner had it in his front yard, for sale. He bought it and brought it home, knowing he could get me to buy it. It had 52k on it at the time. Everything works, including the factory CB.

I was able to find an original shrink wrapped service manual and a used parts book.

After replacing the Lean Burn computer with factory rebuilts twice, and still having a lousy running engine, I finally replaced the Lean Burn with an ignition kit from Chrysler Performance. Then I sent a Thermoquad to Dave at Demon Sizzler to build as a replacement for the Lean Burn carb that was on it.

It runs great now, the only problem being, 93 octane just ain't enuff for that 440. It has the usual hardened valve stem seals that affect 5 & 7 mostly with #7 plug getting fouled a lot. Not enough to make me want to do a seal job, I just replace the plug as needed.

It is what my brother in law calls a "survivor". He says it has the original paint, and I can't find any evidence of it being repainted. He specializes in restoring and selling Mopars so I guess I have to believe him. It just seems too good to be true.

The only rust I can find is a spot under the vinyl at the bottom of the back window on the driver's side. That seems to be common on these bodies as my previous 77NYB, 75 Newport, and by buddies 76 Newport all had it.

The first owner said he kept it in the garage and only drove it in good weather, and it looks like it. I keep it in the garage in the winter as soon as the mean old highway department gets out their salt trucks.

I have loved New Yorkers since my first one, a 53 Deluxe that I got in 57. I consider the 78 to be the last of the real New Yorkers.

Russ in NH