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Robert Sieberns' 1977 New Yorker Brougham & 1978 New Yorker Salon

Attached are some photos of my cars to date. Hopefully more to follow at a later date.

I am the fourth owner of my 1978 Chrysler NewYorker Salon Edition. This car was originally sold in Omaha Nebraska toward the end of the 1978 model year after the 79 Fifth Avenue was released. I have the original bill of sale to the car and verified with the original owner, who lives now in Sprignfield, MO, that he was able to buy the car for invoice price. The car has all the options included for the Salon Package plus: Leather (grey), dual power seat, locking differential, 400 V8 (a no cost option as the 440 was standard), vent wings, auto temp II, AM/FM/CB radio with automatic antenna, cornering lights, and door rub strips and edge gaurds. When I repainted the car in the original base clear silver paint back in 2000, we had to take it down to bare metal as the original finish was baked to powder. The car was amazingly rust free but had signs of collision damage to the RR door and quarter panel. When the trim was reapplied the original hood ornament was replaced with a crystal pentastar unit and a flip up trunk key lock cover was installed from a newer New Yorker(color keyed of corse)

My 77 New Yorker was purchased new in Lamar, MO at Ihms Motor Car Co. by an elderly lady that passed away during my senior year in High School (1991-1992). My grandfather liked my current car then (a black and red 78 NYB) so much he bought this car at the lady's auction after she passed. My grandfather sold me the car late 2003. I have since then repainted the car in the original color and stylized it to my taste with the crystal pentastar hood ornament, trunk lid key cover from a later New Yorker (color keyed), color keyed chrome road wheels, added cornering lights, and dual exhaust with turbo mufflers. I have the window sticker for this car and it carries not as many options as my Salon car. This car has the AM/FM 8-track radio, leather, door rub strips and edge protectors, vent wings, and did have the premium wheel covers.

As I mentioned above, I had one of these cars as my first car. My father talked me into selling it when I went to college for a newer,smaller, more reliable car (a 1986 Turbo NewYorker). I have forever regretted that move. When the Salon car came up for sale in 1999 I jumped at the chance to have my high school car again. I cherish these two cars and have no interest in parting with them. Interestingly enough, the original owner of my Salon car has been looking for the car for the last two years to buy it back and offered me $8000.00 for it. I graciously turned him down and assured him it was at a good caring home to stay.

Drop by and see the 1977 New Yorker Brougham Limosine that my auto shop students are building.

Robert Sieberns