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Peter Kavanagh's 1977 New Yorker Brougham

I inherited this NYB from my father in law, Ed. It was originally owned by his father in law (J.C. Herron). Ed decided to sell the chrysler after having it parked front of his house for 10 or more years (his wife was nagging him to get rid of it the whole time). When I heard this, I told him "Ed, you can't sell that chrysler, she's a beauty." He had kind of funny smile and said "you know what, peter. you can have it." So that is how I got her.

I had many ups and downs with this Chrysler, but it is running good now.

It is 1977 with 440. 4 dr. with sun roof. 8 track is still rocking. TQ carburator has been rebuilt about 3 years ago and lean burning system has been taken out. its got 62,000 miles on it.

I've since sold this car. Thanks to all those who showed interest.

Peter Kavanagh

Portland, Oregon