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Matthew Leach's 1978 New Yorker Brougham

Hi everyone,

I've finally got some pictures uploaded of my 78' NYB. I bought it back in April off the original owner. The car has original paint, roof, interior and about 37,000 Kilometers.

I've done the following things since I bought it:

  1. Installed a newer Chrysler CD/Cassette radio to replace the Kenwood unit that the previous owner installed.
  2. Replaced the original wheels and standard hubcaps with a set of 7" wide road wheels and wide white wall tires. I was intending to do this but after blowing both the front tires while on a freeway in Detroit I had to do this sooner rather than later. (That's a story in itself)
  3. Added skirts and had them painted to match as the original owner didn't order these.

Here are some pictures of my dad's 78' Salon that I scanned in. The car was only a couple of months old in these pictures. I also included a picture of the car my dad had before the Salon. Its a red 74' Newport Custom. If you look in the backgound you can also see my Grandfather's 74' Newport Coupe that he converted in to a Newport Custom thanks to some connections at the Chrysler plant garage where he worked.

Matthew Leach