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Matt Elder's 1978 New Yorker Brougham 4 door Hard Top

Well, it's home! Very nice car. drove home about 200 KM no problems. The car runs but very poor. Motor is great, it just needs a good tune up. The plug wires were chewed by a mouse and I think their the originals! Right exhaust manifold has a bad leak on #4 or 6. I'm pretty sure it is just the gasket. Is this common? Maybe something that is known or just a bad gasket. Drives straight and true, but needs tires! lots of rot and cracks. That was my biggest concern on the way home, but there was a spare if that's what ya call it. it held air but that was about it. I need the two chrome plastic buckles for the drivers door cloth handle as well as a cover for the seat belt buckle. (male end, drivers) Everything works! just have to give it a real good scrub! The paint is worn through in quite a few small places, like something was leaned or rubbed against it. It does have some strange options or rather doesn't have them. No power locks, no auto temp justplain AC, no tilt, I thought some of that was standard? I can answer any questions and send pics of anything anyone may want. I have shared an album of pics, so far, with the group. If the link comes through in another post. Nough for now, but I will be looking for some parts! Question, can ya add skirts if ya never had em?

Matt Elder