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Mark Taylor's 1977 St. Regis New Yorker Brougham

You can see the details of my car's window sticker here!

I too am one of those quiet ones on the NYB site. I'm a good friend of Chris Hoffman ('78 Salon) and he told me about the site a couple of years ago. I don't often write on the site, but this doesn't mean I don't enjoy it! The technical information is very helpful as are the people who write in. Count me in for some money to your PayPal account to keep this site going!

Hopefully I will get some pics of my '77 NYB St. Regis to you all. Its been undergoing a lot of expensive surgery these past couple of months. Aside from the easy stuff like new shocks, brakes, plugs and wires, she got a new front end (the tie rods were shot among other things) and exhaust manifolds. This last job was the most involved. Both of the exhaust manifolds were cracked on the 440 and finding replacements was very challenging. Finally I found a '74 Imperial in the local junk yard with a 440 and took its EMs. They were a different casting, but still bolted up okay. Unfortunately, one of the bolts on my car had been broken by a former mechanic and left in place. Well, the only way to get it off was to take off the heads. This too proved difficult as one of its bolts was so stubborn that it had to be sawn off.

After machining the EMs to ensure a nice tight fit, everything came back together on the car quite nicely, except that the passenger side EM didn't line up with the flange and heat riser so off to the muffler shop the car went for a new flange. I got the car back a couple of weeks ago and it sounded beautifully. Nice and strong, yet quiet with no exhaust leak "burble". Unfortunately it won't slip into third gear until it reaches 50 MPH and it stalled out on me next to my house and has been sitting dead ever since. The tranny adjustment seems pretty straight-forward according to the shop manual. Hopefully the carburetor just needs a little tweaking as well for the car to perform like she should. I'll keep you posted on her progress.

Mark Taylor
'77 St. Regis
200,000+ miles (the car folks, not me!)