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Mark Piet's 1978 New Yorker Brougham

Back in '76 I bought a silver St. Regis with burgundy velour and moonroof (the factory went on strike, took forever to get that roof). Loved everything about it except the velour and stationary opera windows.

I saw this on E-Bay and thought it was undervalued so I placed a bid two days before the auction ended and won. What are the chances?

When I realized this was a Charcoal Gray Sunfire Metallic with Dove Gray leather, I fell in love all over again. Colors twenty five years ahead of their time!

The previous owners, two very elderly women by their signatures on the title, haven't responded to my inquiry so all I know about it is the clues inside the car. It was purchased from Griffith Chrysler in Denver and ended up in Oregon before I brought it to Chicago. In the trunk is a cassette convertor that plugs into the 8-track as well as what I believe is the original narrow stripe spare. They must have loved golfing because there were plenty of tees and 4" pencils used for scorecards.

I've included two pictures of a very unusual full-width homemade rear mudguard which I can only assume was used to save the rear bumper from salt spray.

Every year I go to Cedar Point (Sandusky), Ohio to ride the coasters. Hence the personalized Illinois plate CDR PNT 2. In the past it has been an awful ride in my other car's bucket seats but now it will finally be in true comfort!

Mark Piet