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Hasan Jafar's 1978 New Yorker Brougham

This is a 1978 Chrysler NYB. I got the car in April 1998 and I am the third owner. From what I have been able to gather the car was imported into Pakistan in the early 1980s by a Foreign Embassy and was then sold to the previous owner in the late eighties. The car was originally white on white and when the previous owner purchased the car, he had it painted maroon. In 1992 the car was given to a mechanic to have the engine restored as well as the suspension. When the car was put back together, the mechanic broke the torsion bar and the car spent the next 6 years parked outside his workshop due to him not being able to find the torsion bar for the car. The car was then given to my dad in April 1998.

When I got the car, the NYB was in the following condition :

  1. The engine was lying about a hundred yards from her.
  2. The car had been parked on a side road for about 6 years and was totally rusted.
  3. Dead suspension.
  4. Faulty transmission with parts missing.
  5. No radiator.
  6. No brakes.
  7. No carb.

1998 April November 1998 :

  1. Had the engine installed in the car.
  2. Transmission rebuilt.
  3. Purchased a new radiator.
  4. Had the brakes rebuilt.
  5. Minor electric work.
  6. Disabled the Lean Burn.
  7. Put on a new set of tires.
  8. Bought new plugs and wires.
  9. Had a cheapish maroon repaint done so I could drive her around.

1998 December December 2000 :

  1. Replaced the fuel pump.
  2. Installed a second hand distributor.
  3. Had CNG installed (Which never actually worked)
  4. Put in yet another used carb.

2000 January up to today :

  1. In January I had the car taken apart completely and had her repainted back to the original white color. This took three months due to excessive rust problems and was done at the back of my house.
  2. In the process I also had the roof, seats and side panels redone.
  3. Had lots of rechroming done. (Grill and rims)
  4. Had a compressor installed and had the Air conditioner up and running.
  5. Purchased out of the U.S a brand new Carter 750 CFM carb.

There is only one other NYB that I am aware of in Pakistan. The car is in perfect running condition and is driven once a week. The VIN number is CS43T8C163346.

Hasan Jafar