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Darryl Skerman's 1977 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham

I purchased my 1977 New Yorker Brougham in May 2003 from a guy in Victoria. I learned about its existence after I had imported my í76 but only because I had the í76 - never mind! It had been imported into Australia in 1996 but had essentially been left idle since then. As far as I know I have the only two Ď76-í78 NYBs in the country. I originally thought of purchasing it as a parts car (it was reasonably cheap) but when I looked over it I decided that it was too good to bust up.

It was built on August 20 1976 and last digits of the VIN indicate that itís the 5047th NYB for the 1977 model year (they apparently started early with that model run). It is Triple White with leather seats and gold dash and accents - a very pleasing combination. The car is relatively rust free (a little behind the rear wheel arches) and in good condition mechanically, although the trim needs some attention compared to the Ď76ís nigh on perfect interior.

I have the Build Sheet as well as the Broadcast Sheet for this car. It was originally shipped to Parks Motor Co of Augusta, Kansas. As far as I can tell, it lived its life in Kansas and California before coming Down Under. I believe I am the fourth registered owner.

The car has the 440 cu. in. engine.

A brief run-through of the Build Sheet gives the following codes:

CS43 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham 4 Dr HT
EW1 Spinnaker White
MLYW 50/50 Bench-Arm Rest-Reclin.-Leather
A06 Easy Order Package
D34 Torqueflite Transmission
G01 Defroster-Rear Window-Electric Heat
H53 Air Conditioning W/Auto. Temp. Cont.
K5X Vinyl Body Side Mldg.
K78 Delete Stripe
L35 Cornering Lights
N88 Automatic Speed Control
P28 6 Way Power Seats-Left & Right
P41 Power Door Locks
P45 Power Deck Lid Release
S61 Steering Wheel-Tilt & Telescope
V1W Vinyl Roof-White
J46 Tires-JR78X15-WSW-Steel Belt Radial

The total price came to $9,839.90 with the Destination Charge.

I have decided that I will convert this car to right hand drive and keep the í76 as a left hand drive. It is booked in for the steering conversion in a couple of months. I prefer the colour combination of this car (even though the chestnut interior in the í76 is fairly classy) and I really like the ventless windows. The dash in the í77 is a bit sun damaged so I donít feel as bad about hacking it up for the dash conversion.

Iíve included a couple of photos I took the other day after it had a new set of whitewalls fitted. The pics are not brilliant quality but more will follow.

Right Hand Drive Conversion

With the assistance of Jim Kidd from the NYBML, Iíve found out that the steering conversion will be more straight-forward than Iíd first thought. Chrysler Australia sold a car from 1960 through to 1971 called the Dodge Phoenix (originally the Dodge Dart Phoenix, then Dodge 440 and from 1965 on they were Plymouth bodied cars). These cars were all factory right hand drive. Since the steering configuration of the LHD cars essentially didnít change from 1967 to 1978, the steering equipment from a late model Dodge Phoenix should pretty much bolt straight into the NYB.

Attached are sketches from the factory service manuals showing the RHD and LHD steering linkages. The RHD cars have the steering box mounted on the right hand side chassis rail just in front of the firewall, with the steering and idler arms pointing forward (compared to the LHD set-up with the steering box on the K-member and steering and idler arms pointing backwards). The steering link stays in the same position.



Darryl Skerman


Queensland Australia