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Anna Marie Trustrum's 1978 New Yorker Brougham


Dear New Yorker Brougham Club,

Hello! My name is Anna Trustrum and I live in Timmins, Ontario. I saw the New Yorker Club web site and hoped you'd be the right person to talk to. You see my Mom has a 1978 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham 4 door hard top for sale. My Dad passed away one year ago September 25th, 2003. He adored this car and it hurts her to look at it everyday. His death was sudden, he was only 68 and in great shape so we were all shocked. Like I said he loved this car. It has been kept in a heated garage covered in quilts and never taken out in the winter. He kept everything as if the car had been purchased yesterday. He has the complete sales package from the dealership which includes brochures, original windshield sticker information etc.

The car is gorgeous. It still has that new car smell to it. It has a 440 - 4 barrel with all the bells and whistles as my husband says. Everything is original. The exterior is Spinnaker White, no rust. The interior is gold leather in showroom condition. I was hoping that someone like you would be interested in purchasing this vehicle because I'd like to see it cherished the way my Dad did. If not, maybe you know of someone who would be interested. I want this car to be owned by someone who will love it.

The mileage is 100,132 km (about 62,000 miles) and my asking price is $8,000.00.

Thank you

Anna Marie Trustrum

Timmins, Ontario