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Member's Posessive Name 1975 Imperial LeBaron Crown Coupe

Here is my 75 Imperial LeBaron Crown Coupe, Now thats is a big name for a nice BIG car. I found this car over a year ago in upstate NY. I had been looking for Coupe IMP or NYB for some time. The car was from CA. originally, the previous owner had taken very good care of the car. I was in lust over the car, but had just 3 days before had made a deal to buy a 75 4 door in PA. After talking with Glen in NY, he was in no great hurry to get rid of the car and would hold on to it till the spring of 06. On the 12th of April I flew up to Naples NY to pic up the car. The car is in pretty good shape and is a joy to drive. She will need a very things like a paint job and the seat will need recoverd, but the car runs great. I drove it on a 800+ mile trip in May to Tony's NW Ohio meet with just a bit of fun on the way home (fan clutch locked up). Here are the pics I was sent when I saw dealing on the car, I will get some newer ones soon with the rest of her sister IMPs.

Alan Jordan