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Greg Staples' 1959 New Yorker

I acquired this car in 1991 with the help of my mother. She had always encouraged my car hobby and allowed me to drag home a rusty hulk body shell of a 1927 Model T coupe when I was just 15 years old. So here it was almost 30 years later and mom spotted another derelict and said I should go look at it. We paid $300 and had it towed home. Chrysler made 4805 New Yorker 4 door hardtops but you hardly ever see them these days since many of these old Chryslers were crushed during the first gas crisis in the mid-70s. It weighs 4165 pounds and had a base price of $4,533. It had been cheaply painted somewhere in the 70s with a dark green over the original light green. Once a year, Id fire it up and drive it around the neighborhood for a weekend but then put it back into storage. Finally, on its 50th birthday, I made the commitment. We replaced the floor pans and repainted with an enhanced finish in a slightly brighter light green than original and a metallic pearl white for the two-tone accent. Interior was replaced with original fabric after we found a set of the optional swivel seats (another feature introduced in 1959.) Its now a very nice driver quality car. Our plans for it include re-chroming the bumpers and some of the interior trim and rebuilding the engine and transmission as they are showing signs of age.

We have several other cars: a 1927 Model T with a 1957 392 ci HEMI, a 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner (383/4 spd) and a 1971 Plymouth Satellite Sebring.

Happy to help and share

Greg Staples