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Kylia's 1955 New Yorker Deluxe

Gosh, I wish I would have found your group sooner, for reasons you will soon see........

I found my beautiful '55 New Yorker Deluxe seven years ago, Labor Day weekend. It's the only classic car I've ever had. I had gone to Noel, Missouri to float the river with a group of friends and camp out for the weekend. We had set up camp the evening before and had no small amount to drink. The next day, it was WAY too hot to endure the hangover, so my friend and I went for a drive in my air-conditioned truck just to beat the heat for a while, get some cold, caffienated beverages and some aspirin.

We were tooling around the area when we passed under an old railroad bridge on the other side of which was a little burg called Anderson and by the side of the road was a little used car dealership. We saw it just as we passed because it was in the back row under the long carport. We turned around. It was the prettiest old car I had ever seen. Now, I've always been into retro modern furnishing and glassware but had never seriously considered getting a classic car, though I had admired them. It seemed too extravagant. But, boy, it was so pretty. Doesn't hurt to look, I thought, so, we pulled in. Does it run? Sure, it does! They hid us in the office while they got it started. I drove it around. Smooth, too, and the interior was perfect! Hmmmm. Well, I'll think about it. I went home and thought about it, couldn't get it off my mind.

So I made reservation at the only hotel in Anderson, brought a friend, knowing I'd be bringing it home, and drove the 3 1/2 hours back. Again, they hid us in the office while they got it started. Should have known something was up. It even died and I couldn't get it started again across the street from the dealership, but it ran good while I was driving it. I was hooked anyway, but the dying incident allowed me a little leverage with the salesman and I bargained him down enough to feel good about it. I drove it home, my friend following me all the way. Got home without a hitch.

But I never could keep it charged. I took the generator and voltage regulators off and took them to our local old car electric whiz. Both good. I never did get into driving it around or join any car clubs because I never could keep it charged and was afraid it would strand me. Most mechanics put it off to "those old six-volt systems." Now, seven years later, I bought a new car but want to keep my old truck, so I'm pressed for space, so the beautiful old girl has to go, never play with it anyway. So I call yet another old car guy to finally figure out what's wrong with it and try to fix it once and for all so I can sell it.

"Don't these old six-volt Chryslers have a positive ground? I think your battery's in backward! Let me call somebody." Sure enough, all that was wrong with it all those years: I had BOUGHT it with the battery in backward and was always very careful to put the new batteries in the same way the old one came out. It runs a lot smoother now. But I still don't have enough room and it still has to go. Now isn't that a heartbreaking story?