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Converting Lean Burn System to Non-Lean Burn Ignition

by - Jamie Kittrell

NYB CLub member Jamie Kittrell recently converted his 1977 NYB from Lean Burn to non Lean Burn electronic ignition. He decided to get a harness from a 1977 Cordoba 360 engine and adapt it to the NYB. This is the story of how he did it.

OK guys, posted this question once to a list or chat (cant remember), asking if a non-lean burn '77 Doba engine harness would work. Well, in a nutshell, YES!

Played with the NYer today and yes, it works, all wires hook up, same color on both sides of the rectangular 6-way connector. Just unplug the lean burn from the main harness and hook this one up! You will need to modify (lengthen) the distributor connector wires, but everyhting else falls into place! There is even provisions for the box on the firewall! I'm excited! I'll post pics to my site tomorrow!

Basically, the harenss is from a Cordoba with a 360-4v, california emissions car. Rumor has it that a CA-spec non-lean burn 360-4 was offered in the large cars!

- MoPar Jamie K.

AND THE CAR RUNS! Had trouble starting it, turned out to be a bad coil that picked up and allowed it to run, till I re-started for the test drive. Replaced coil, everything just fine! I drove it, trans needed more fluid, and I forgot to tighten the drivers side motor mount. Oops! Motor leaned over to the pas. side when I took off one time! didnt hurt anything, so no worries.

Here is the conversion harness (top), and ELB harness (bottom)

Here is the connector I talked about to the main harness. Note the ground strap next to the ballast resistor. Under that strap is a plug which plugs the holes for ECU mounting.

Here is the harness connected in the car.

You WILL need to lenghten the distributor leads, and you will have to use a standard 440 electronic distributor with vaccum advance. Its also a good idea to lengthen the coil wires (negative is black with yellow strap, pos. wire is brown), but I was able to make them work by turning the coil around (to where it faces the passenger side). You also wont need the white three way connector, as it goes to an EGR delay on the original car.

My harness is off a '77 Cordoba with a non-lean burn 360-4v. California emissions cars only. Rumor has it that some of our NYBs around the same time frame also had the non-lean burn 360-4v in CA. since '76 Cordobas and NYBs didnt have lean burn on them (if I'm wrong, correct me), the harnesses MIGHT work, but I havent investigated them, but plan to in the near future!

- MoPar Jamie K. 1977 NYB, de-ELB'd 440 car, St. Regis package, power everything, auto-temp II air, 2.76 geared SG 9 1/4 rear end.